Store Bought Bread: What’s On The Label?

Still on my healthy bread quest and I came across this excellent post which gives you a crash course in understanding some of the most common inclusions in an ordinary loaf of bread you might buy at the supermarket.
It is called Bread: What Are Those Ingredients On The Labels?
Well worth the time to read it.  Why not read it right now?
And that brings me to another important point – a great way to start regaining sovereignty over the food you eat is to start reading labels.
WARNING: This takes time and some effort but it may just blow your mind when you begin the realise the ‘stuff’ that is actually in the food you eat.  Start with bread – it’s a basic food that can be healthy but so often isn’t.  Wouldn’t you feel better knowing that the bread you feed your family is actually exactly what it was intended to be – good for you?

I found this lovely little clip on YouTube – now I don’t know either of the brands of bread that Amy talks about because I live in Australia HOWEVER, one trip to the supermarket in town confirmed that things are much the same here as they are where you live.
If you skipped straight to the video before you read the post that’s OK – go and have a read now.
I’m trying to stick to the rule (as espoused by Real Food warrior Michael Pollan) don’t buy/eat anything with more than 5 ingredients! I can do that with homemade bread but if you are going to buy it – less is definitely more – fewer ingredients is more healthful when it come to REAL bread.
Between these two great resources I hope you get the message that making bread yourself or at least being really conscious of what you choose to buy at the supermarket can make a great deal of difference to who you end up becoming, after all – we are what we eat! Good luck and don’t give up checking those labels!