Yeast Free Bread?

A friend just asked if I knew of any yeast free breads she can make for her daughter and I wondered if Soda Bread would fit the bill?

It uses Bi-Carbonate of Soda to make the bread rise rather than yeast.  Might work – I'll have to do some research.

Just sharing – anyone else have an opinion? 

I found a nice article to share

I was reading about bread (as you do) and came across this good article by Denise Henderson (Thanks Denise)

and it really got me thinking about how versatile bread really is.

There is a great collection of homemade bread recipes gathering here too.

Hope you enjoy it and it gets you thinking.  

Cheers for now

Homemade Bread Recipes: Bake It and Rate It

The first loaf in The Great Soda Bread Road Test is cooked (and eaten).

For a full rundown of how the loaf ranked in our Road Test take a look at this post.
If you need any more encouragement just check out this picture… Gotta love this job.
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The Great Soda Bread Road Test

Homemade Bread Recipes: The Great Soda Bread Road Test

I’ve been researching the very best way for people to get back into baking their very home homemade bread and I think a great place to begin is with soda bread.  All soda bread recipes appear to be easy bread recipes and for soda bread in particular they are quick bread recipes.  One author even went so far as to say the soda bread is fool proof and the idea struck me that I should road test all the soda bread recipes I can lay my hands on in an attempt to see if that were true and then to report my findings.

Rounds of soda bread in various stages of baking.

Image via Wikipedia

Thus was born The Great Soda Bread Road Test.

To begin, I will bake one loaf of Soda Bread each week until I run out of recipes and then it’s up to you to provide me with more.  The recipes will all be listed under The Great Soda Bread Road Test category and the best of these will then be included in the Best Bread Recipes category on this blog.  Sound fair?

If you or your family has a really fantastic Soda Bread recipe (or even if it’s not so fantastic) why not send it to me so be reviewed, just post it into the comments box on the blog and I’ll see what I can do.  Better still go over to Homemade Bread Recipes and find the recipe being baked this week, bake it yourself and send me some feedback!  All such items will be posted – rate the bread from 1 AMAZING to 5 AWFUL!  The first recipe is up and waiting

So with that in mind… I’ll go turn on the oven.

Road Test?

Am considering doing a road test of Soda Bread recipes.

I have a couple already but really, really  need lots of different ones from all over the world.
Imagine having so any different kinds of homemade bread recipes.
International Soda Bread Road Test… hmm sounds interesting.  Want to play?

Some things change but some thing remain the same.

File:Pompei pane.jpg

Now if you baked this bread you might feel a little upset that you overcooked it but I’m prepared to forgive the baker
responsible for this one.  It was found at Pompeii – yes that’s right THAT Pompeii.  I felt a real connection with the
baker, I mean we are separated by so much time, by technology, by language and culture however, we share the
knowledge of making bread at home.  I’m amazed at how familiar this is and how it made me smile.  Brilliant!

I found it:

Happy Baking

Whole Wheat Sourdough Starter

I love the fact that if you produce a loaf of bread that feels like a failure … there is always tomorrow. Trial and error are the key to getting that perfect loaf. Right now, my sourdough starter and I are having a few differences of opinion but we are working them out. The story above tells much the same experience. You know what else I love about baking bread? We share our solutions to common problems and everybody wins. Keep baking.

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