Moroccan Bread

I've been to the library.

I know in this day of the Internet that's a bit weird but there is something about cookbooks that just isn't captured by the net.
Especially if you don't really know what you are looking for.

So this book on Moroccan Food caught my eye.

Hmm luscious pictures full of colour and movement.  
Tables piled high with spices and fresh fruit and vegetables.
I could almost hear the sounds of the market.

Then I turned the page and found a recipe for Moroccan Bread.  So I'm going to make it, on the weekend to go with our Sunday lunch.  Hmm Sunday Lunch Bread – could be another thing to investigate further.  
Funny the places we find inspiration

Loaf 2 reviewed in the Great Soda Bread Road Test

The loaf is well and truly baked, rated… and eaten.

This six seed soda bread recipe is a real winner and you can see photos and category ratings over at the blog.

99c21d4473ff346 The Great Soda Bread Road Test Loaf 2

Here is a little teaser of what it's like… for the full story you need to go here.

The ‘Whole’ Grain truth of the matter

I discovered an interesting discussion this morning and it's worth taking a look at if you are still primarily eating supermarket bread.  Now don't get me wrong, I still buy the odd loaf or two for the absolute convenience of it but it's no longer our main 'daily bread'.  So if you are still in the habit but would like to change you might find this little article  from the San Fransisco Chronicle column writer Marion Nestle ( via Food Politics) about the difference between white bread and whole wheat, whole grain, whole meal breads interesting and informative.  It certainly filled in some gaps in my knowledge. #homemadebreadrecipes

Second Road Test Recipe Posted

Well now that things are back on track I’m ready to ‘Bake It and Rate It ‘

the second recipes in The Great Soda Bread Road Test.
To get the recipe so you can trial it yourself you will find it in the Easy Bread Recipes
section and now all I have to do is get some of the stuff not in my pantry and tomorrow
I’ll be baking myself happy.

Would You Like A Mouse With That?

OK – so this is just gross… but I couldn't resist it!

Worth reading the post at this link…. 

From looking at the picture, it seems that the poor little fellow
didn't get baked so much as got between the bread and the
bag.  eeeewwwww.

Another good reason to reconsider where your bread comes from?  Get an easy bread recipe 
and hone your skills.

Well that didn’t work – here is the link

Fantastic Video on Baking Bread

I was browsing through my Twitter account this morning and something caught my eye.

It was a video on how to bake bread.  Now I understand what you are thinking, there are
lots of video's out there about how to make homemade bread but this one is different.

This is someone going along to a professional baker and being taught how to improve
their bread making techniques.

I will watch it again and again and then I will take notes and then I will go into my kitchen
and see if I can incorporate even SOME of these tips and techniques into my bread making
and I just have a feeling my bread is going to get better and better and better.

Watch the video and see if it has something for you.

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