Grrrr – why didn’t you rise sourdough?

Twice now I’ve made my sourdough recipe – same one I’ve been making since June this year and twice now (in a row) it didn’t prove the last time.

I didn’t do anything different.
Why Oh Why?
Maybe it was a bit hungry when I first started.  Maybe it was left a little too long on the first prove.
Do these things matter?
Ahhh research project just presented itself.
I just want bread

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  1. Cate Ferguson
    Sep 12, 2010 @ 08:31:08

    Important Update and an answer of sorts!

    It seems I let my sourdough starter get a bit too ‘hungry’ one day and as a result it just didn’t have the energy to rise. It actually smelt a bit like it did while it was first ‘growing up’ so I’ve given it a little rest, made sure a fed it lots of good whole grain flour and I’ll let you know if it responds as I think it will. It’s already, only one or two day later, beginning to smell nice and healthy again. YAY!


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