Thinking About Bread and Health

I’ve been thinking about bread again… of course!

I’m also always on the lookout for easy bread recipes to try my hand at and I think I’ve found one.  I’ll let you know how I go.
Meanwhile, because I just happened to be sitting at the computer, I thought I’d look for some good quotes about bread and this is the first one I stumbled across.

think bread when it comes to good health!

bread_slices-1.jpg homemade bread slices image by bour3
I like it – it’s almost good enough to be an affirmation only I’d add another word.  My affirmation might read something like this.
“Think homemade bread when it comes to good health. “
Looking at that I can see that you could add a whole lot of other words to make it even healthier, words like whole grain, or organic would make powerful additions.
What words would you add to make this quote feel just right for you?
I’d love to hear them.

Ever wondered about Soda Bread?

This is the first of our Homemade Bread Recipes because it’s absolutely fail safe!
That’s right, I challenge you to get it wrong.
Now if you ever wondered about Soda Bread here is what Wiki says.

Soda bread dates back to approximately 1840, when bicarbonate of soda was introduced to Ireland. Various forms of soda bread are popular throughout Ireland. Soda breads are made using either wholemeal or white flour. In Ulster the wholemeal variety is usually known as wheaten bread and normally sweetened, while the term “soda bread” is restricted to the white savoury form.

And now, before you begin, why not take a look at the YouTube below to get the lowdown on how it all comes together.

Keeping checking back for variations and suggestions to help you make
easy bread recipes that are as much fun to bake as they are to eat!

Easy Bread

That’s what we are all looking for.  Easy bread that tastes as good as it smells.

All those wasted years and now finally I’ve found the right bread recipe for me.

Homemade bread recipes abound, but which one is right for you?